Maybe the majority of you have thought about how is it to have a pet at least once in life. I will try in this article to answer as many questions as I can and I hope that at the end you will realise if it is a proper decision for you to adopt a fluffy friend.

For setting a context of the following information, I must present you Pandora. She is a gorgeous Scottish Fold cat. She is a female born on 22nd August 2018. We adopted her when she was approximative 2 months old and since then she is a member of our family with all the right, but not all the responsibilities.

New Responsibilities

Adopting a pet comes with more responsibilities that you might not think about before. Or, at least, not all of them.

  • It won’t be that easy to travel. If you used to decide randomly that you want to travel, now it won’t be that easy anymore. Every time you will be far away from home more than a day, you must find a solution for your new family member: you can take him with you if the situation permits or you find a trusted person that wants to take care of him.
  • You can’t postpone the house cleaning. As you may already know, a pet comes with more mess and garbage in your house. For keeping your house clean you should spend more time cleaning everyday. For us, the most helpful thing was buying a robot that vacuums and washes the floors. After a comparison and reading the reviews, we decided to buy the Xiaomi Roborock 2. I think that it was a great choice having in mind the price quality ratio. The think I have appreciated the most are software updates that we have received often. This robot vacuum cleaner helps us everyday to save time and have a clean home. Moreover, as you may already heard, the biggest disadvantage of having pets like dogs and cats inside the house is the fact that they have a lot of fur. This is unfortunately true, so a lint remover roller can be very useful if you want to clean the hair out of the clothes. Brushing your pet’s fur often is an efficient solution for having less hair all over the house.
  • You should take care of your little friend regularly. Like humans, the pets need grooming. For cats, in this category we can include shortening the claws, brushing (preferably everyday, for our pet benefit), cleaning the ears, eyes and teeth. Sometimes, we shortened the fur from the paws, but this is not necessary. Instead, all the other mentioned activities must be done regularly and need a lot of attention and patience.

More Spendings

It’s good to know that some cat and dog breeds are more sensitive than others. Pandora is Scottish Fold, a pretty sensitive breed, but we always offer her special attention, so she won’t have medical problems.

  • Spendings on the objects that are necessary in the beginning. For buying many products with affordable prices we ordered on zooplus. This platform offers a loyalty program that give you the possibility of getting free accesories with accumulated points. The delivery was in maximum a week and it was fine every time. The list with all objects that we bought for Pandora is huge, so you can move forward to the next bullet if you don’t plan to have a new family member soon. The things that we bought for her are: covered litter box, litter scoop, scratching post, cat fountain, bowls for food (preferably ceramic or stainless steel), brush, claw clippers, mini pet trimmer, blanket, transport bag, harness and a lot of toys. The toys are not a good investment for cats because they get bored very fast and find more attractive a cardboard box or a bag.
  • Vet spendings. Probably the most important spendings are related with the services of a vet clinic. The spendings can be predicted, but maybe the most significant ones are unpredicted. The predicted outgoings are flea and tick medication, neutering and periodical checks. Any other health problem that you notice regarding your pet is an unpredicted outgoings and often they may involve thorough investigations and quite costly treatments. You must always be ready for these kind of situations, both financial and emotional. After an unpleasant experience with two vet clinics, we arrived at Dream Vet where they friendly welcome us. I highly recommend Dr. Dan Iorga, who helped us out everytime we had a problem (even on a phone call) as well as his entire team.
  • Spendings for food and cat litter. These outgoings are monthly and they are different based on your cat food needs and the type of cat litter you choose. Your vet is the right person to recommend you the best food for you fluffy friend. Pandora is very sensitive and she has food allergy, so she eats only hypoallergenic cat food. For the cat litter, we firstly used silicate, but we changed it later with bentonite Sanicat. The most important disadvantage of silicate were the fact that you should change it very often for avoiding the smell and the granules sometimes stick on the cat paws.

Uncountable Smiles

It is already known that cats are extremely funny. Although the cats sleep almost all day (between 16 and 20 hours a day), in the moments when they are active they find plenty of funny activities to do. Maybe you saw on the Internet a lot of funny and hilarious videos with some cats as actors. Before having Pandora in our lives, I thought that it is hard for the cats owners to record that short movies. In the reality, the cats are doing funny things often, so it is easy understandable why the Internet is full of cats. I attached below a short random video with little Pandora being crazy.

Unforgettable Moments

Beside the fact that they are funny, the cats are very cute. They will fulfil you with happiness everytime you will come back home after a hard and tired day. Pandora always waits us near the entrance door, meowing and being happy that we are finally back with her. Moreover, what can be more beautiful than a small fur-ball that follows you in the house, sleeps while you work on the laptop or watch a movie?

Pandora sleeping on the sofa during the day

Probably you don’t see people that walk the cat very often. This fact is because the majority of cats don’t feel comfortable outside of their house, so they are stressed and aggressive. Pandora is an exception, maybe because of the fact that we started to get her outside when she was a little baby. We always walk her through the park and take her with us anywhere without problems. The coffee shop Tucano Coffee Madagascar is pet friendly and allows us to spend some time there everytime. We are so happy that she is not stressed when we travel, even with the car or the train. Last summer I bought a backpack for carrying her that is very practical and help us travel with her easily.

Tucano Coffee Madagascar

Now that we clarified all these aspects, do you think that you are ready to adopt a friend for life? Looking forward your thoughts and questions in the comments below!

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